Advanced Color Management

Color Control - Now More Important Than Ever

To achieve the desired results on press, Color ý implements the latest and most sophisticated software to analyze the printing outcome based on the media, plates and press to be used. This allows for the color expectations to be correctly set. And provides the printer with an accurate, industry standards based proof to print against. It is often critical to achieving the required the level of quality.


This is especially important for customers concerned about consistent brand integrity across different printing processes. Increasingly, projects with brand identities are produced across multiple print facilities, on different substrates, for a variety of packaging solutions. Brand managers expect absolute fidelity to brand colors across all platforms.

However, color reproduction accuracy is not limited to branding or brand identity. Very slight color shifts or inconsistencies in product imagery have a significantly negative impact on general consumers’ perception of the packaged product.

Color variations and poor quality image representation can lead consumers to believe a package’s contents are compromised, expired, counterfeit, or simply lower in quality. Today more than ever, quality color management is essential in each step of the print production process. For the discerning we use and maintain a G7 Qualified Proofing System and have G7 Professional Services to work through any project.

Extended Gamut Printing

Increased product variation and lean manufacturing mean that converters today face the challenge of shorter print runs to quickly and cost-efficiently produce smaller lot sizes. Implementing extended gamut printing, also referred to as fixed color palette printing, can be a powerful strategy for reducing press setup time while increasing press efficiency.

the many benefits this can offer to brand owners, designers and converters alike, including:

Advantages For Brand Owners and Designers

  • Achieve accurate color reproduction using the targeted printing technology and substrate using EXTENDED COLOR GAMUT without interfering in the design process.

  • More consistency in color accuracy across a complex supply chain due to less variability in the printing process.

Advantages to Printers

  • Minimizing or eliminating the need for spot color inks, reducing ink costs and inventories while ensuring more consistent color across all jobs and remakes of past jobs. More than 80% of Pantone library spot colors can be achieved using CMYK plus orange, violet and/or green.

  • Faster throughput due to the ability to combine multiple jobs in the same run.

  • No press wash-up between jobs since ink colors don’t need to be changed, resulting in faster change-overs and reduced make-ready time and associated waste.

  • Easy conversion of spot color jobs to a fixed color palette using Color ý Inc. Color Management Services.


The original job was built with several spot colors and the primary yellow was modified and defined as a spot color. A total of six colors were utilized in the job: Cyan, Magenta, Black, a spot Yellow and a spot Red. A coating plate is used as well (light Blue)


Job built using Process Cyan and Black, a Spot Yellow, a Spot Red, and a Spot Brown.
A coating plate is used as well (light Blue)

The same job built to print using only five colors. The job is built using a single Cyan, Magenta, Black, a Spot Yellow and a Spot Red. A coating plate is used as well (light Blue)